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Matty Bv3
5 min readMar 29, 2019


A reader recently asked me “How can I learn to become a data scientist?”
(Yes, I actually have a reader. Who woulda thunk it?)

Great question, Ian, especially considering the field is red-hot right now and shows no signs of slowing down!

In 2018 demand for data scientists grew by 29%. This highlights the 344% increase since 2013 according to reports by Indeed and Dice. The supply of qualified candidates, however, drastically lags behind.

Photo Credit: Anastasiia Kornilova

My first instinct was to refer Ian to the contemporary King of AI, Siraj Raval, and his free curriculum “Learn Data Science in 3 Months”. The video, however, was created six months ago (a lifetime in the ever-changing world of data science) and I saw some opportunities to update it.

  • Some courses were gone or had changed… so I updated/replaced them.
  • Some prefer a written guide… so I typed it out.
  • Some need to know why a topic is important to fully understand it… so I added brief explanations
  • Finally, (based on personal experience) some can get stuck on any single course no matter how interesting it is. I always like to have an additional course available that may explain something a different way or fill in some knowledge gaps… so I added some alternatives/additions.

Hopefully, this complete curriculum to become a data scientist helps Ian and anyone else interested in the field!

1. Learn Python

Tools you’ll use?


Why is it important?

Python is growing faster than any other language, it’s extremely well documented, and most of the…



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