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Matty Bv3


A reader recently asked me “How can I learn to become a data scientist?”
(Yes, I actually have a reader. Who woulda thunk it?)

Great question, Ian, especially considering the field is red-hot right now and shows no signs of slowing down!

In 2018 demand for data scientists grew by 29%. This highlights the 344% increase since 2013 according to reports by Indeed and Dice. The supply of qualified candidates, however, drastically lags behind.

Photo Credit: Anastasiia Kornilova

My first instinct was to refer Ian to the contemporary King of AI, Siraj Raval, and his free curriculum “Learn Data Science in 3 Months”. The video, however, was created six months ago (a lifetime in the ever-changing world of data science) and I saw some opportunities to update it.

  • Some courses were gone or had changed… so I updated/replaced them.
  • Some prefer a written guide… so I typed it out.
  • Some need to know why a topic is…